Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Adios to the Trial Dog

Bella was a lovely dog. She fetched much better than our real dog Jetta.

But alas, I still found a bike seat chewed up in the back yard. The only reason to get Jetta a dog was to keep her busy, so she wouldn't be destructive. I don't know which of the pups chewed up the bike seat but Bella was returned to her rightful owner on Monday.

Lesson learned: Getting your dog a dog will not keep it from acting like a dog.

Chew on that for a while.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Some reasons I'm a bad blogger, and an update...

My pictures take FOREVER to load. It makes me not like to post. But aside from that blogging is fun, and I enjoy spying on the lives of others through blogs too.

News from the WilliamsFam5...
* We went on vacation. We totaled up all our lemonade sales and took our $360 to So. CA. (And a bunch of other $ too, but the kids feel pretty good about the $360. That's a lot of lemonade at .25 a cup!) We invested in the Costco City Pass and went to 6, yes SIX DAYS of theme parks. (3 Disney, San Diego Zoo, Sea World, and Universal Studios.) I wouldn't say we had a favorite, but it was more than fun! On "off days" we went to the beach and boogie boarded and body surfed, and of course, buried our children in the sand. Thank you to my step sis GIA and her hubby BRIAN for letting us stay, as well as the PROCTORS in Pasadena, and KIRSTEN & CHRIS in Newport. The only way the trip was feasible was due to the fact we didn't sleep in 1 hotel. (We did follow Williams tradition and car camp for 3 nights.) I hope our kids remember this trip forever! And if they seem to be forgetting they will receive an obligatory photo tour of the trip for the rest of their lives.

* We found out about the government's "Cash for Clunkers" program on July 30th in CA. We got home to Boise on August 1 and bought me a NEEEEEEEWWWWW CAAAAAAARRRRRR on August 3!! I traded my official clunker Ford Windstar (no A/C, almost 200K miles, and bad tires, not to mention all the small problems) for the cutest HONDA FIT in Orange Revolution. It matches Lucas' hair and eyes perfectly. Hooray for a reliable vehicle with gas milage out of the teens.

* Ian turned 7. He is AWESOME, smart, fun, cute, nice, cool, thoughtful and my favorite 7 year old in the world.

* Brooklyn turned 9. She is BEAUTIFUL, kind, fun, silly, exceptionally considerate, a good friend and fun to be around. She is LOVED!

* I went to take my new car back to the dealer today to get my floor mats and protective coating sprayed in it, and ended up getting a puppy. We are waiting for her to arrive right now. The owner is bringing her any minute and we are running a trial basis visit to see if she gets along with Jetta. We thought dogs might be like kids. It's easier to raise more than one because playmates are good. We'll see.