Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Life with Lucas

He's a good kid to have around. (Most of the time.)
Here is his last few days in summary:
Friday - got in trouble for hitting at school.
Saturday - scored first goal in soccer game.
Sunday - did an EXCELLENT job in the Primary Sacrament meeting program (along with Ian and Brooklyn.) This was his first year not squeaking into the microphone just to hear it amplified.
Monday - 1. Had a GREAT day at school - no fights.
2. Noticed the statue of Jesus on top of St. John's Cathedral and had this conversation: Lucas: "Why do they have God on that church? Why not Josa?"
Me: "Do you mean Moroni?"
Lucas: Yeah.
Me: Because many churches choose to put different statues on their churches.
Lucas: I would put a ninja on my church.

Tuesday - 1. Got in trouble again for fighting.
2. While looking at a book with a picture of a grave he said, "This grave doesn't even say peace and quiet on it." We figured out he meant RIP, but I think when I die I'd like my grave to say PEACE and QUIET.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I thought we'd have a few more years before this...

Day 6 of Kindergarten is tiring.

While Lucas should have been attending his "closing meeting",
instead he was doing this:

During the last rotation station, he was just too sleepy. After misbehaving and throwing a cotton wristband across the class, distracting his classmates, he was supposed to sign the binder recognizing his misdeed. I guess the teacher will have to wait for his signature.

He slept for the rest of the school day and beyond. While the rest of the class cleaned up, packed their bags, lined up and headed out the door, Lucas remained asleep. Here's a picture of his class leaving at the end of the day.

At least he didn't fall asleep in Spanish class.