Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Illness, Spring and Other Random Thoughts...

I'm sick of sick. Other than pregnancy, which I realize isn't technically an illness (but it sure felt like it!), I have never been sick for this long. That said, I don't want to dwell on it. I'll try to post something else that is a bit more interesting. Have I been able to do anything other than be consumed by my phlem? Let's see...

It's raining. I am hoping it is healing my grass and encouraging my "over-seed" seeds to sprout where our dog has ruined the lawn. I have a disheartening question lately; who do I care for more - the dog, or the grass? Those who know me will most likely not be surprised that I have chosen the grass.

Good thing we have a dog run. Maybe, I can have the best of both. (Currently I think I have the worst of both - a rowdy dog and dead grass.) Hopefully as the grass heals, and Jetta gets out more in the foothills, both can live well.

It's Spring Break. I love not working. I know that I didn't work full time for the first eight years of motherhood, but I REALLY value that gift now. However, I recognize that I have the world's best mom-job! I get discounted tuition to an incredible school for my kids. I get to go to school with my them everyday. I get to be their teacher. AND I get a paycheck. Pretty ideal. But I still love Spring Break. (And every other holiday break.) You just can't beat wearing pajamas half the day.

I don't want to write too much. Since I don't have any cute photos to add to this post. I better keep it light on the text. I figure if I keep it short it might encourage me to return to post more later. Until then...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

oops, it's almost spring...

Sorry to anyone that has been looking at my blog and thinking, "Wow, she really sucks at this." For the most part I just don't know what to say. Life in the winter is pretty bland around here. But there have been some sweet spots. Ian and Brooklyn have been going with the school up to Bogus Basin for snowboarding lessons on Friday afternoons. They are getting better every week and last week Brooklyn learned to ollie and jump a little bit. It's official, she's passed me up.

Brooklyn at the top of "Showcase"

Snowboarding Buddies: Bode, Jack and Ian

February 9th Lucas turned 5 and if I were a REAL blogging mom I wouldn't have waited a month to post something. Again, my apologies. He decided that he wanted a "Every character of Lego Batman Wii Party". If you haven't been around Lucas for a while you may not know that playing Wii is his obsession. He thinks about it day and night. I've even heard him talk about it in his sleep. He jumps and actually works up a sweat every time he plays. We are all endlessly entertained watching him jump and kick and bounce while moving his remote. The rest of us sit on our back sides and hardly move a muscle while playing with him. But he is an example to us all on how to really get into the game.
Back to the birthday party - he invited kids from his class and church and we had an old school birthday party. It's rare these days to have birthday parties at your home. Most of my kids' friends have destination parties at local pizza places, arcades and party centers. (Too rich for my blood.) Ian and Brooklyn have made it easy on ol' ma and pa by having shared birthday parties in the summer. We just head out to the lake and carry a cake along. Easy! However, a February birthday is another story.
We took it back to the basics and let Lucas plan the whole thing. He requested that he dress up like Batman, invite his friends to dress up, eat mac and cheese, and cake, and play Wii. Aaron even googled some "5 year old birthday party games" to keep the little guys busy. We ended up with about 25 kids, ranging in age from 3-11. It rocked!

Spring break is quickly approaching and we are toying with the idea of going somewhere. Snowboarding at Sundance? Southern Utah? I wish it were somewhere WARM. My spirits are always lifted as I see the flowers pushing up out of the cold hard dirt this time of year. Lucas and I have some kind of cough and sinus crud that won't go away and it gives me hope that we will get through the yuck and start anew soon too.

I should have more to write about now that the sun is shining again.