Wednesday, February 18, 2009

blog vs. journal

When I was a kid I always kept a diary. It was full of drama- kissing stories and which of my friends were fighting with each other. One time my mom even snuck a peek in 8th grade and I had to have a serious "talk" (of which I won't give any details).

When I was about 17 I decided to learn about the LDS church. One of the first things I was encouraged to do was "keep a journal" and I thought, that will be easy. I already do. But then it was revealed to me that in the LDS culture one keeps a journal so that "future generations" can read it.

I remember in about 1994, standing in my back yard on Union Street with my journals in hand thinking, "I'm pretty sure that I don't EVER want ANYONE reading these." With some hesitation, I threw them away in the alley trash.

I've tried to keep a journal since then, but it's never been the same. I've always felt guarded when writing. "Will my grand kids see this? Or worse, my kids?" So I mostly just write the facts and some cute antics the kids say. Or more recently, I don't write at all.

Then came blogging. It's different to write knowing that ANYONE will read it. So now I have the perfect solution. I will only write about the grand and glorious parts of my life and if my grand kids read it they will think I was awesome.

But sometimes I might slip. You may have to tolerate a boring post now and then. It might just be something that only I care about. But since this has become my method of documenting my mortal existence you'll just have to put up with it. And if I ever have anything REALLY BAD to say, I'll write it in my journal. (And then I'll probably throw it away.)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Anniversary Aaron...and Happy Valentine's Day too.

Eleven years ago Aaron and I got married in the Boise LDS Temple. We chose February 14, not because it was Valentine's Day, but because it was the Saturday of Presidents Day weekend and I had an extra day off school. I was in my last semester at BYU and when we got engaged on November 1 the idea of waiting through a whole semester for me to graduate seemed WAY TOO LONG. So we pulled out the calendar and discovered there was a little window in February when I could squeek out one more day out of classes without homework piling up for a honeymoon.

I tried to scan in a picture of our wedding (since all our pictures are pre-digital era), but the scanner says there is no usb attached, even though it is and I have checked at least 10 times. But my technological difficulties are not what this blog is about. But this is a perfect example of why Aaron is so important to me.

I need Aaron. He is my best friend. He teaches me and I teach him. We love each other because we depend on each other. He fixes all things that have wires and cords. He randomly spoils me. For example, he bought me a new snowboarding jacket, new boots, and new sunglasses last week for no reason other than I wanted those things. He put Chistmas lights up around the house the way I wanted them, even though he would have been happy without the peaks of the house lit. He goes on a date with me every week. He packed my lunch for me two times last week. He turns the other cheek. He strives to improve himself and I see results. He can get the kids to do things that I can't. I suppose I could go on and on.
I've heard a lot of complaining lately about how pointless Valentine's Day is. I think a day dedicated to the person you consider most important is a good idea. I know that we should show our love everyday, and we do. I mentioned to a friend though that I think everyday is like practice and Valentine's Day is the game. It's an opportunity to showcase our affection that we feel year round.

So get out there and

4 Years of Lucas

Lucas Aaron Williams * February 9, 2005 * 8 lbs. 4 oz
Fun to be around.
Random napper. 
Still tired.
Another impromptu nap. 
A good partner.
are we seeing a pattern?
yes, I think it's undeniable.
Growing bigger! 
 still my helper.

Lucas turned 4 on Monday. His birthday requests included a guest list of "the Farnsworth's" (our old next door neighbors) and "Ewan's whole family"(aka Jared & Caitlin's family). After some consideration he invited me and the rest of the family to his party. He wanted cupcakes, and a yard cake. What's a yard cake you ask? That's what I wondered. So I gave it my best shot and made a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting (dirt) and covered it with green sprinkles and green frosting around the edges (grass) topped with a few of Brooklyn's tiny toy dogs and some gummy worms. He liked it so I guess that is what a yard cake looks like. 

I love that boy. Happy Birthday baby!