Friday, November 9, 2012

Now that the election is over, let's talk politics

I am a moderate. I find it hard to align myself with a political party. I am usually disgusted to the point that I am hopeless that politicians will do anything that is not in their best interest and the needs of our country are rarely addressed.

I also agree with aspects of both the Republican and Democratic Platforms. This is another reason I cannot favor either one.

Regarding health care reform I guess I identify more with Obama's plan. Just like good roads to drive on, disaster relief, and national security, I believe healthcare DOES fall into the category of things the government provides it's citizens. I like the stipulations put on my health insurance company last year. I like that I no longer have to pay for my annual exam, and I am happy contraceptives are covered. I am comforted by that "preexisting conditions" will not hinder my children (namely the one with a rare medical irregularity in his cervical vertebrae) and they will still be able to get insurance, regardless of conditions we are unable to control. I am glad there is no cap to what my insurance will pay if we encounter a life threatening disease and would not have the means for treatment. I have traveled to countries where the government does not provide for nor protect their poorest citizens and it is heartbreaking.

However, after reading this post Dear Senator, Congressman, and/or Mr President I see reason for more change and equity among women within the women's reproductive rights issue. If dollars are the issue, I'd be willing to revoke my 100% coverage for annual exam and contraceptives knowing it would help another women struggling on the other side of reproductive issues. In my view, if government is going to help one side, they should also help the other - or just get out of the reproductive business. What do you think about my friend's post?