Saturday, January 15, 2011

Diet I crazy for doing this?

I decided it was time to reclaim my jeans.

I don't mind feeling a little hungry. I don't mind keeping my meals simple. I don't even mind eating healthy food.

The hardest thing for me about eating "the right things" is when something DELICIOUS is in front of my face. Examples this month have been:
1. Curt & Jake's Yummy Christmas Casserole - French toast casserole with cheesy eggy goodness inside. (Relief Society Activity)
2. My mom's lasagna.(Gia, Elliott & Katie were in town so Mom cooked.)
3. Desserts from an awesome french bakery. (Thank you gift from a kind friend.)
4. Chocolate Muffins from Costco (Left over from Aaron's work.)

Those are just SOME of the temptations I have faced. But I found a solution for dealing with it. I freeze the food I want to eat. I don't get it now, but I will later (maybe, if I want it). So far this strategy is working out pretty well and the food is filling up my freezer and not my pants.

Food for thought.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

What it's like to be a Mormon...

I just posted this on (click on the ink below).
There are some pretty cool Mormons out there...

I'm a Mormon.