Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Originally New - 1st donation

We returned to my old mission area of San Antonio, Chile and gave Originally New shirts to 120 people! www.originallynew.com

Help us help more. Buy a t-shirt please. Thanks!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Give. Help. Share. Launching Originally New

The WilliamsFam5 have come up with a new plan to help out internationally, and be fashionable at the same time!

Don't you love wearing new clothes? It feels so empowering and refreshing to pull a new shirt over your head. We believe all people feel that way, regardless of where they are from. That's why we started "originally new", aka "on."

Some people in underdeveloped countries never get that opportunity to have their own new clothes. Sure, they're dressed, but everything they wear is hand me down, donated, and discarded. For each tee you purchase, "on." will put a fresh new tee on the back of someone in need on your behalf. 
Our first tee shirt give away is to a small village in San Antonio, Chile on February 5, 2012. We are paying it forward now, with a goal of selling 100 shirts. Buy yourself and an amigo tees for $22 for the two, and be a part of our pioneer phase.

The more we sell, the more we'll give. Follow our blog for pictures, and upcoming news about our second give away in Costa Rica, May 2012. Buy shirts and spread the word now so we can give away more in May!