Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Pappy Day * 60 is good!

Ode to my Dad on his 60th birthday...
There was really no way he could refuse our request. It was, after all, his only daughter and three dearest grandchildren with eyelashes batting and sweet voices calling, "Come on Pappy, JUMP!"

True to his character and zest for life he passed the threshold between the soft cushion of the grass and the squeaking and unsteady bars of the trampoline.

It was intense and quick, but never have the kids (or Pappy for that matter) had such big smiles while vaulting into the air.

However, in an effort to avoid crushing his granddaughter, Pappy sacrificed himself, his leather jacket, and his newly washed jeans landing hard on the grass to the side of the trampoline.

It wasn't until right now I realize this is the first time our newly sunken trampoline has served it's protective purpose. (Just ignore the new and rehabilitating sod - we are hoping to pump life back into it over the next couple weeks.) I digress.

After the adventure on the trampoline, we headed over to the park near our house and enjoyed some lemon cake and ice cream, and 1st grade soccer practice. What a way to ring in a 60th birthday!

Happy Birthday Pappy! We love you!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Now Open...Lemonade, 25 cents!

We are planning to go to Disney Land in August for Brooklyn and Ian's birthdays. However, we need some major cash flow to make it happen. So the kids and I have started a business. Any day that the sun is shinning, it's over 70 degrees, and we are home, we will be out front having a Lemonade Stand. And to offer our customers variety, we have expanded our menu with two sizes to chose from in pink or yellow Lemonade. Also, we are offering "Otter Pops" as a refreshing frozen treat.

Brooklyn was out front on advertising duty, while Ian manned the megaphone attracting customers. Lucas spent most of his time on tasting duty.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter 2009

This is my big payoff for being a parent. The picture of my kids running up the stairs to see what the easter bunny left and hunt for eggs is priceless.
Ian loved this megaphone, which has a variety of settings to modify voices. He preferred alien robot. Then he realized that one of the settings serves as an amplifier and decided it will be perfect to attract customers to our lemonade stands this summer.
I tried once again to get a great family picture. Well, at least we got a picture. Maybe I should have Aaron photoshop a picture of Lucas in so he isn't snarling like a wolf. But it is his classic four year old camera smile. I love it.

Too sunny, but cute none the less.
Here is the shot I was waiting for- pure happiness on our beautiful new stairs.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Adventure in our own backyard

Quick update as to what we are up to this week-
A MESS!! And we LOVE IT! We are having our backyard redone and it is so fun to watch the process. Can you imagine anything better than being a kid and having THIS in your own backyard. Not only is it full of huge machines and tools, but it's been raining so it's pure mud!

Pavers will provide lots of space for BBQs and warm weather fun. So if you're in the neighborhood, stop by!