Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Right Arm and a Heavy Red Head

Right now Lucas is sleeping on my right arm. As I type I have a spot on my forearm that is aching from the weight of his heavy, red head. This boy can sleep. I'm sure he will grow to develop other memorable characteristics, but at eight years old his amazing ability for instant, sound, and uninterrupted  sleep is legacy worthy. As an infant I could change his diaper and entirely swap out day clothes to pajamas without him so much as cracking an eye. As he learned to talk he would call out to me in the car to let me know, "I going feep!" Or would occationally ask permission, "Mommy, I go feep now?" It was a regular occurance and would amaze friends and family when they would witness his immediate slumber after his announcements. He no longer snores, thanks to the removal of his tonsils when he was six, but he still has a deep, soothing rumble as he breathes. I hope I never forget the feeling of him sleeping here next to me. My heart swells with his every breath.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

I figured it out!

I've often struggled to figure out the focus of this blog. Why am I writing it? Who am I writing for? Who is the audience? Well, I figured it out today. I am the audience and it's about my little family and our adventures. I have started a new blog for something a bit more focused still:

I have recently become engrossed in the lives of the sweetest people! Please read my new blog to learn more about it.

I'll be back to write about what's going on with my family.