Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Finale

We continued our fun all week wake boarding, and surfing. One of the highlights was when we put two boats next to each other so their wakes would meet up and we would surf the center of the wakes. SO FUN!!! Of course Aaron was a natural and not only was able to let go of the rope, but also rode for a LONG TIME.

I never got to the point of letting go of the rope, but it was fun regardless.
Sunday was our last day on the houseboat and we spent it going on a historical hike to "Hole in the Rock". Down this crack the pioneers brought 80 wagons and 250 people to cross the Colorado River. Amazing! We did our share of suffering there too. As soon as we arrived at the bottom of the canyon to hike up, Brooklyn threw up. She was a tough little hiker and tried to keep it from slowing her down, but she and I ended up hanging out along the trail while the others went to the summit.
Emily & Brooklyn making memories at "Barf in the Rock"
Everyone else at the top.
Cutest picture of a 5 year old boy.Aaron and his little hikers.

There are no pictures of what happened next... and we are all grateful.

We embarked on the four hour ride to return the houseboat back to "the slip". Brooklyn puking all the way, and one by one every member of our party beginning to feel queezy. By the time we pulled in to the slip most of us were either running to the bathroom, or puking over the edge of the boat. Was it the food from the refrigerator on the fritz? Was it the germs from the little boy that was sick a few days prior? We will never know. What we do know is that we were all miserable. Aaron and I were in no shape to drive, so we opted to check into the hotel at Bullfrog Marina. It was a sad scene. Brooklyn rested in bed (over the worst of it after being sick all day) while the rest of us squished into the bathroom. We have never had family unity quite like that. By around 9:30 p.m. I could tell we needed some help and I called the medical clinic. They said we needed to come in and so we headed over there just in time. Aaron and I were severely dehydrated from being sick and they immediately hooked Aaron up to an iv and after 4 pokes to get it in he was on his road to recovery. I tried to reassure the kids that Daddy would be fine but it was unsettling for everyone to see him in a wheel chair, then hooked up to an iv. After tending to the kids and getting everyone settled I was also hooked up to an iv.

The following picture is the next day while we left Lake Powell. We were determined to continue on to Moab to see Arches National Park. At first glance this might simply look like a not so great family picture, but if you could feel the effort going into those feeble smiles you would know that this is the happiest we could look after the night we had just gotten through.

But all's well that ends well. With a case of water and Propel powder in tow we made it through the rest of our vacation. We snacked on Saltines and enjoyed unlimited electrolite enhanced beverages. Arches National Park was gorgeous. It made it all worthwhile. I'm glad we didn't wimp out and skip it.

How ya feelin'?

Friday, July 4, 2008

more Lake Powell

When going out for the day, we would load up the ski boats and head out exploring the nooks and crannies of Lake Powell. Occasionally we would all pile into one boat to save on gas, and that was an adventure in itself with over 20 of us. 
I rediscovered my uneasiness with steep cliffs and drop offs that I have previously felt at the volcanos of Kona, HI. I am usually pretty sane and rational, but not on rock face drops. While we climbed up to view Indian ruins all I could do was focus on getting myself up and I was useless as a parent. Luckily my friend Therese stepped in and helped get my kids up and down. You can see in the following picture Aaron carried Lucas (I have no idea how he did it).  
The kids loved the view and cliff edges. Here is a picture of Taybor, Ian, T.J., Lucas and Brooklyn. 
We made it to the ruins. Although my stomach was struggling with the heights, the ruins were inspiring. How could people live here?!? Thanks to the Wagstaff's and Schick's for making this trip possible for us.  (Pictured: Denny, Therese, Jeremy, Ian & Brooklyn)
Brooklyn was lizard hunting and caught one by the tail. Now we all know what happens when you catch a lizard by the tail, right? Brooklyn was taken by surprise! Here is a great shot of her holding the tail while it was still shaking around in her hands. 

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Road Trip 2008

I made a goal last year to travel to a place I have never been to, every year for the rest of my life. Last year we went north to Canada - Calgary & Banff. This year our destination was Southern Utah - Lake Powell and Moab - Arches National Park. So far meeting my goal has been everything I hoped it would be; inspirational, gorgeous and exciting.

We returned home today from our "big summer vacation". We left on June 21st and drove south through Utah (Or my-tah as Lucas insists it is called. For some reason he has adopted possession of the state. "It's not your tah, it's my tah!") 

We were graciously invited to join friends and their family on the houseboat pictured, "Big Wave" in Lake Powell. We had never been to Lake Powell and had never seen a houseboat for that matter, so the whole trip was full of new experiences. I will spend the next few posts sharing our adventure, but tonight it is late and my mind is less than clever. Enjoy a few photos for now.

Captain Brooklyn steering the 90 foot houseboat. We drove the boat for about 4 hours out of the slip to find a place to park for the week.  

Lucas gets a haircut. He requested this himself...
Yes, Lucas has a mohawk. He loves it and tells everyone about it. 

Ian found hours of entertainment, along with all the kids, ensuring proper eye protection.
more to come...good night.