Friday, March 22, 2013

It's Spring Break

It is tradition among the Williamsfam5 that on the first 70 degree day of the year we go to Fanci Freeze. I must set limits on our attendance at this favorite mom and pop burger and ice cream shop, so 70 degrees it is. We were lucky this year to have just two warmish days to begin our Spring Break off on a great note.

I should now post pictures of a fantastic trip to Seattle, but since I have none (as they are on Brooklyn and Aaron's phones), you will just have to take my word that Aaron and Brooklyn had a very fun daddy daughter road trip with Christopher and Emilie Eshbaugh. Complete with REI garage sale-ing and Molly Moon's Homemade Ice Cream. And the Space Needle was pretty cool too, so I hear.

The boys and I had our own sort of adventures right here in Boise. First, archery at Fort Boise.

Then a date night with just Mom and Lucas (Ian was sleeping over at a friend's house.) On the advice of his elder siblings, Lucas chose to go to Chuck a Rama for his date activity and proceeded to have 4 rounds to the all you can eat buffet. Totally entertaining.
Next, movie night in mom and dad's room and sleeping in dad's spot. Complete with Breakfast in Bed.

Ian rejoined us the next day and we proceeded with our mom and the boys weekend with more movie watching and major amounts of snuggling.

Then, Spring actually came! There is nothing more beautiful than tiny blooms amist the stillness of winter. Although the trees are still naked, we have color at our feet upon coming home these days.

Sometimes we still forget we are going to pray before we eat and although we try and fold our arms and close our eyes reverently, cheese makes prayer time a little unruly.

It snowed last night. We are half way through our two week break and the sun is shining and it is snowing anyway. That won't keep us from going to Camel's Back Park and making the most of the bright days though. Becky and Brenda joined us today for one of the most exciting park days we've had. They make everything a little more fun.

Brooklyn and Ian took it upon themselves to make sure Becky (Ian's charge) and Brenda (Brooklyn's charge) keep their momentum on the swings.

Aaron continues to be the coolest rock and roll, snowboarding, house selling, eclectic husband around. I have taken note of the lack of photos I have available of my dear spouse. I will make it a goal to try and snap some shots of him once he returns from
Boise's coolest musical extravaganza.
Watch out Portland and Seattle, Treefort has launched Boise to hipster levels of cool.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Photo Journalism

In an effort to not be overwhelmed with keeping up the journaling of williamsfam5 events I quickly post pictures to document life's recent happenings. Thank you iPhone.

Ian is growing into the scientist his "mad scientist" personality lends itself to.

Brooklyn continues to make our home a happy place. (Please note the fake fireplace she provided.)

Our newest adopted family members, Brenda and Becky are getting used to Boise. And Becky caught a cold. Brooklyn donated one of her handmade pillows and fleece blankets to keep Becky cozy.

Ian's class (taught by me) has been volunteering at the Create Common Good farm, promoting training and employment for refugees in Boise.

Brooklyn's class went to McCall for a week to be scientific at MOSS to study snow pack. Brrr.

Many of my friends (especially via facebook) have donated generous offerings to B & B. THANKS!

My boys are awesome and as sweet as these treats. We love living near Goody's.