Sunday, June 15, 2008

about Aaron...

Almost 8 years ago Aaron became a father. Aaron is good at a lot, but he is truly gifted as a dad. As the mother and "natural nurturer" of our family, I am often in awe of his instinctive ability to be a practically perfect parent. We hear that men are by nature not as "tuned in" as women to children, but in my marriage that isn't the case at all. Aaron is everything I would wish for my kids to have in their father. Keep up the great work Aaron, and I think our kids might stand a chance in this life! At least they won't have you to blame. :) I love you! ~Emily 

Aaron and Brooklyn in the hospital on August 9, 2000. Aaron was always tender and patient with our new born babies.
This is Aaron and Ian in Kona, Hawaii, December 2002. Aaron has never allowed parenthood to keep him from doing what he loves. Whether is is photography, fishing, snowboarding, or just enjoying the outdoors Aaron has always made the kids a part of his favorite things. 
Here you see Aaron and Lucas on Lucas' blessing day in April 2005. Aaron is not only a good example of how to have fun and enjoy hobbies, but also is a great and quiet influence spiritually. He has blessed our three kids, and will baptize Brooklyn in September. We are so glad that he holds the priesthood and can do that for our family.
Aaron - HAPPY FATHER'S DAY 2008! You are the best dad we could imagine! 
And I'm glad you love hot mom's. I hope I qualify (otherwise I probably shouldn't have bought you this shirt). 

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Ian's on 2 Wheels!

Ian decided that it was time to ditch the training wheels on his bike. Aaron did all of his DAD DUTIES perfectly: he took the training wheels off and chased Ian around the driveway giving him all the encouragement and advice he needed to find quick success on 2 wheels.
Good thing we have a big, flat driveway!
Figure 8!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

So much is happening. Here's what's up...

There is always a lot happening this time of year. The next few posts will show you all just how busy we've been. Field trips, Nonny's graduation, Brooklyn's 1st gymnastics meet and of course bunny rearing. Here are a few photos of our end of the school year events:
Brooklyn and Pappy at Nonny's graduation picnic. Congratulations Nonny!
Brooklyn did great in gymnastics this year and now spends equal time on the hands and she does her feet. She won the 1st place ribbon for a hand stand competition. She will be continuing gymnastics at a more advanced gym and it seems to be turning out to be her favorite "thing". 

Shortly after this picture was taken she sank a bit lower and was able to pass off her splits for the first time. She new a Banana Split was waiting for her if she could get it done. She is now part of the "Splits Club".

I don't need a nap!

Lucas is right at the breaking point. The age that children reach that they no longer "go down" for a regular nap easily everyday at the same time. He ALWAYS need a nap by the end of the afternoon, but he can hold out without falling asleep during the ideal "nap time window" (anytime before 2:30 p.m. ). Once it's past 2:30 we are in trouble. He will crash somewhere, usually in a random place as the pictures show, and then be up until the middle of the night. Sometimes he outlasts me these days and Aaron has to stay up with him and get him to finally go to bed. 

He especially likes Aaron's and my bed and on this particular day, in the picture, he stripped the pillow case off for a sleeping bag and had a nice rest.

The following shot was too cute! All the kids were out riding bikes and Lucas came in and just couldn't go even one step more. I can't believe that the stairs were the most restful place he could have found, especially with his helmet still on.