Monday, May 24, 2010

May = All This

May is a good month.
Here's why:

1. 5 de mayo in my Spanish classes - I got to dress up like a Mexican Folk Dancer.

2. Aaron and Ian went to McCall for Ian's 2nd/3rd grade Spring Trip. It was cold at the McCall Outdoor Science School, but they are tough.

3. Mother's Day - Special Thanks to the lady who made me and all those that I've made. And thanks to Aaron for his help too.

4. Brooklyn and I had tons of fun on her 4th/5th grade Spring Trip to the Snake River/Hell's Canyon, and the Columbia River Gorge. I learned the best way to travel with pre-teens; audiobook The Hunger Games and you will have 10 hours of silence in your car. We all LOVED IT! (Even great for adults, not appropriate for those under 9ish.)

5. My dad spoils me. He showed up yesterday (on Bob Dylan's 69th birthday) with a brand new Martin Guitar! I am still learning about all it's cool details, but wanted to post pics just to show how cool it and my dad are. THANKS PAPPY!!!

*Disclaimer - My pictures are being difficult and won't line up right with the text so your just going to have to match them up on your own. Make it a game.