Tuesday, May 20, 2008

They are cuter!

We will update pictures soon. The babies are quickly growing and have just a bit of fur now. Their eyes are still closed. They snuggle all day long, and are very sweet. They will be ready for adoption the second week in July...any takers?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Our Growing Family

"Freckles Jumper" 



The kids got two cute, cuddly bunny rabbits for Christmas. Snowy and Freckles Jumper have become a part of our home and family. Monday was a peculiar day for the rabbits. Snowy was not behaving normally. Usually they are very good buddies and Snowy is the more dominant of the two. We knew that Freckles is male (we've seen proof) and we assumed that since Snowy is bigger and more aggressive we have a pair of males.
We could hear squeaking and see obvious  nervousness. Snowy was pulling out fur from its chest and trying to shove it in the corner of the hutch. By now I began to think...Snowy may be a girl...she is sure acting like a nesting mother to be. So we quickly became rabbit breeding experts by referring to Google. We immediately removed the male "Freckles" since daddy rabbits have a tendency to eat their young. Luckily Aaron had built our rabbits a hutch the week before so we had the old cage as a spare available. We left Snowy in the new hutch and gave her some clean cloths and a box to nest in. Just in case. 

We had to run home Ian's friend T.J. and swing by Grandma Susie's and Stoy's house for a quick errand. We were gone for about 45 minutes.

When we returned, Snowy was quietly eating and much less agitated than before. She was happy to have the hutch to herself. I peeked in the box we had left and saw a huge pile of fur that she had placed in there after ripping off her own chest. Suddenly the fur pile was moving! There were babies in there! I guess she took that 45 minutes we were gone to make a nest in the box, have seven babies, clean herself up, and eat a snack. Ian asked me later that day, "Is it harder for animals or people to have babies?" After watching her recovery I wish I were a rabbit. 

Lucas called Pappy to tell him that we have 7 new babies and the conversation went as follows. Pappy asked, "What color are they?"
Lucas said, "Black and white and black."
I wisper to Luke, "They're pink."
He corrects himself to Pappy and says, "They're pink, with no hair and no heads."
Silent pause...
"Mommy, do they have heads?" Lucas questions.
"Yes they have heads."
Lucas, back in the phone to Pappy says, "Actually, they do have heads."


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hanging at Home

Brooklyn is gone so much. School all day, Brownies, Gymnastics, Piano Lessons. I struggle sometimes to provide my kids with all the opportunities that they deserve. Can't they just stay home with me and hang out? Oddly, I feel like we have limited Brooklyn's activities to a minimum. It still leaves me without her an awful lot. I know this will only continue to get worse as she and the boys age. I know that there are years of Scouting activities, soccer and unnamed interests ahead. I guess I'll enjoy summer vacation all the more because of her absence during the school year. Even in my thirties summer vacation is my favorite time of year. Here are a few photos of me and the boys with nothing to do at home while Brooklyn was at school.
Are these guys related?

Mother's Treasure

I found this mini-tea cup in the dining room the other day. It was basking in the sunbeams with this Dandy Lion drowning in the water. All of its yellow petals drenched and withered. The stem so short that it sank in the cup. I quickly rescued it and propped it up on the edge of the plastic cup. I have never enjoyed a flower so much. I didn't know why it was in my house or who put it there. It just made me smile that I have three little people in my home that see this weed, that most people despise, as a bit of beauty to bring inside. I know it is only a brief time that I will find such small pleasures in the dining room. This little plastic cup, with a drowning weed is such a symbol of the beauty of motherhood. Happy Mother's Day to all you ladies that have ever given your time and energy to receive a weed in a cup to fill your heart.