Friday, August 9, 2013

I have a teenager.

At 12:06 am on August 9, 2000 I became a mom. Brooklyn Eve has always been a lovely little lady. She is an observer, a peacemaker, and a kind soul. She reaches out to people in subtle and genuine ways.

At 13 years old she is now developing into a young woman with talents beyond what we've taught her. There is no teaching the level of order in which she keeps her drawers and bedroom, and she certainly didn't get it from her parents. She has concise skills to organize and I need some of that in my life. Thank you God for sending me this helper. 

She asks for very little. She is selfless. She had nothing on her birthday list, so I suggested that rather than a present we spend some money sending her to a "cake boss class" courtesy of my friend and cake pro Sarah Swenson Gorringe. They spent 6 hours yesterday making these little gems.   

Today's party consisted of a bunch of awesome teenagers floating the Boise river together.

We ended the day at Ann Morrison Park with friends, sun, and excellent cakes.

BIG THANKS to Grandma Susie and Grandpa Stoy for driving all our gear to and fro. We are so lucky to have you to help us!

Brooklyn, I am so happy you are a teenager now. This phase of life will be full of wonderful experiences - spanning every emotion. You are an exceptional person. Your inner strength is admirable and Dad and I want you to keep it strong as your mature into adulthood. It is so easy to be your parent, but when you need us we'll be there. We trust you, love you, and are inspired by you. We are so happy to welcome you into your teen years. Enjoy! 

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